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South Korean research institution: Global power battery installation volume increased by 50.1% year-on-year from January to June

Global power battery companies have delivered half a year's results. According to data released by SNE Research, a South Korean battery market research institution, on August 3rd, the global installed capacity of power batteries in the first half of this year was 304.3 gigawatt hours (GWh), a year-on-year increase of 50.1%. Among them, Chinese companies accounted for over 60% of the market share.

12 2024.07
The latest progress of solid-state batteries in the top 10 global lithium battery companies

Who will be the first to mass produce solid-state batteries in the top 10 global power battery companies?

04 2024.07
Large battery orders frequently occur, and the lithium battery industry chain bottoms out and recovers

At the beginning of the third quarter, corresponding to the off-season at the end of the third quarter, the order heat showed a "non off-season" market trend, linking the overall recovery of the lithium battery industry chain...

27 2024.06
Commercial vehicle lithium batteries explode

The "trade in" policy released by the State Council in 2024 encourages the electrification and upgrading of old commercial vehicles. The domestic new energy commercial vehicle market will benefit from the explosive growth of the national economic and consumption stimulus policies...

21 2024.06
Competition among battery companies in the era of fast charging

With the increasing penetration rate of new energy vehicles, power battery technology, as its core power source, is undergoing a new transformation...

14 2024.06
Collective surge! New energy vehicle sales data released in May

On June 2nd, sales and delivery data for multiple new energy vehicle companies in May were released. Among them, BYD, the leading new energy vehicle manufacturer, continued to maintain its leading position, selling 331800 new energy vehicles in May, up from 240200 in the same period last year, a year-on-year increase of 38.13%. From January to May, BYD sold 1.2713 million new energy vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 26.8%.

07 2024.06
The government plans to support the development of all solid-state batteries with a budget of 6 billion yuan

Insiders confirm that this unprecedented project in the industry is led by relevant government departments, encouraging eligible enterprises to conduct research and development on all solid state battery related technologies. It is reported that after strict screening, the project was finally divided into seven major projects, focusing on different technological routes such as polymers and sulfides...

31 2024.05
New regulations for power batteries have arrived

Compared to the 2021 version of safety requirements, the new version of the Opinion Draft has increased the requirement for thermal diffusion of power batteries. The core logic is to improve the safety requirements for power batteries, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the battery does not catch fire or explode in the event of thermal runaway, and providing sufficient escape time for passengers inside the vehicle...

31 2024.05
From January to April, the installed capacity of semi-solid state batteries exceeded GWh

Based on the advantages of safety and energy density, solid-state batteries are considered the next generation technology route for liquid batteries. Nowadays, as the problem of mass production of solid-state batteries has not been completely solved, semi-solid batteries, as a transitional route, are facing a sustained hot market trend..

24 2024.05
Top 15 power battery installations released in April

Recently, the China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance announced the monthly data of power batteries in China for April 2024. In terms of production, driven by the demand for new energy vehicles...

16 2024.05

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