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Shoen enterprise chain was founded in Shanghai,where there is a galaxy of talents.It is dedicated to the development and production of new energy materials and accessories. It has built its own high-tech production and research bases in Pudong and Fengxian District respectively and owns 40,000 square meters of clean room,and it has obtained the certification of IATF16949 automotive industry system and the certification of ISO14001 environmental management system.

The company produces automotive lead terminals (tab lead), special explosion-proof valves, bottom coated foil collectors, composite conductive agents,CSS module accessories and other products. Kakuen automotive tab lead occupies over 55% market share in the domestic segmented market, and has exported its products to the Japanese, Korean, European and American markets through the acquisition of similar enterprises of South Korea and Japan.

The electrochemical, polymer, and complete equipment production lines of each production base form a unique tab lead industry chain in the industry. The enterprise is currently configuring an online MES system based on the ERP port. The production bases receive regular factory audits from battery cell factories and car companies every year, and continuously conduct self-improvement based on customer demand.

The company is now striving to become a sizeable and leading supplier of lithium battery materials and accessories in the world.

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