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The future is more than just what you see, Geyuan walks with you

time:2023-10-19 source:上海昭远

Ten thousand trees of apricots by the river, a new night of wind; The garden is full of deep and light colors, shining in the green waves 3、 How can the beauty of spring in April disappoint; In April 2023, representatives from various departments of Geyuan, grassroots employees from the workshop, headquarters, and colleagues from Suzhou took a bus to Changxing Island Fishing Port in Chongming, Shanghai for a spring outing outdoor team building activity.


Field team building is a training process that enhances the cohesion of employee teams, allowing team members to more deeply experience the interdependent relationship between individuals and enterprises, subordinates and superiors, and employees. It reduces preaching and indoctrination, and increases the experience and insights in sports, thereby stimulating the team's higher work enthusiasm and drive for innovation, making the team more cohesive.

At 9:00 am, everyone arrived at the destination of the team building. The coach first played a targeted warm-up game of "kneading the shoulders, kneading the backs, and a one-on-one five", using a mentality of mutual respect and concern to enhance understanding and create a relaxed team atmosphere.

(Warm up game)

Subsequently, the coach asked the team members to break free from the constraints of superiors and subordinates, as well as the department, and divide them into four groups to select the captain. And it is required to utilize the intelligence and talents of group members to create team names and slogans and display their own team flags.

Four teams competed in games such as "Don't Fall into the Forest", "World Ball", "Journey of the Pearl", and "Inspire People"; In the end, the Red Sword Team topped the list and won the championship; The most impressive event is the table tennis transfer activity of "Zhuxing Qianli", where each group holds a piece of PVC pipe and transports a table tennis ball from the starting line to the destination. The person who catches the ball in front must quickly go to the back to catch it, and the table tennis ball cannot fall until the destination. This is the most typical team collaboration project, and each member must fully cooperate, both quickly and steadily, in order to complete the task in the shortest possible time. Through this seemingly simple game, each participant deeply feels the importance of cooperation and responsibility, and will benefit greatly in their future work.

(Invincible Team)

(Sword Team - Champion)

(Qinglong Team)

(Star Team)

During lunch, employees from various departments shared their experiences in participating in expansion activities, discussing work experiences, team collaboration, and everyone's excitement, longing for the beautiful future of Geyuan; On and off stage, there was a lively atmosphere of communication and interaction, with bursts of applause echoing in the restaurant from time to time; Geyuan Factory Director Wang Yuanyuan gave a concluding speech, discussing the company's sense of honor and encouraging employees to continue working hard, with actions surpassing words.

At 1:30 pm, the exciting live CS shooting began. The team members were divided into teams A and B, and under the leadership of the captain, they engaged in practical combat modes such as offensive and defensive battles and beheading battles. In actual combat, each group of members cooperates with each other in different areas, jointly studying tactical strategies, covering, surprise attacks, encirclement, and attack; The tense and difficult battle has inspired everyone's courage, belief, and strategy, making everyone deeply realize the importance of teamwork. It has also taught them that only each team member can achieve ultimate victory by displaying an indomitable and daring spirit to fight.

(Ge Yuan CS Brigade)

(Pre war group photo)


The day's activity came to an end amidst laughter and laughter. Everyone walked out of the base and came to the strawberry garden, tasted green and pollution-free freshly picked strawberries, and then embarked on their journey home with baskets of labor achievements; Tomorrow, we will return to work and face new challenges. The unity, responsibility, bravery, and perseverance we have gained from these team building spirits have greatly benefited us. We will definitely bring them into our daily work and make our future even more brilliant.

(Self service strawberry picking)

(The future is not just about seeing, Ge Yuan is walking with you)

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